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Sailing in Buzzrds Bay

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Installing the Deck Stringers

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After installing the bulkheads and inwales, it was time to add the stringers that will support the deck. I used 3/4" x 3/4" douglas fir for the main deck stringers and the inner deck stringers. Cedar would have been lighter but I decided to go for the extra strength of fir.

The rear bulkhead and side deck supports were notched to receive the stringers. I could have had the stringers come together to form a "V" at the deck beam, but I decided to leave them slightly apart for added passenger room. I have found that since I'm building without a plan, I've had to take extra time to work out this and other similar design decisions. Plans cost money but they allow you to work faster since you don't have to design all the parts as you go along.

The interior is starting to take on a finished look. It doesn't show in the photo but there is a nice texture on the floor. I'm glad I won't have to paint the interior of the boat.

View from the bow.

I applied a layer of fiberglass cloth to the stem. The notches in the bulkhead are visible here. In the center, only the pine stiffener was notched for the main stringer, the bulkhead was not cut through here.

The entire interior has been given a coat of epoxy in preparation for the installation of the deck.

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